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Instructions and form for taxpayers Individuals Tax file number declaration The information you provide in this declaration will enable your payer to work out how much tax to withhold from payments
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and benefit return. informations on your statement of individual income (SI18A1) informations on a statement of tax affairs (S2F1 or S2F2) on an assessment notice (A9) or pay and payment (PAY) notice informations on a notice of assessment (SA18 or S18A1) informations on your pay slip (PAY) notice informations of payment of an allowance (AF). You can also find your TFN on: a letter that you receive from the CRA indicating that your TFN has not changed, or on the PAYG withholding system page, under "Tfn Search". How to register to use the Pay as You Go (PAYG) or Individual Income Tax and Benefit Return (ITB) systems In your first income tax and benefit return (ITR), register using the payee (or payee's employer), not the payee's individual tax and benefit returns number. If you choose to use the PAYG or ITB systems, you only register to use these systems when you have made your first tax payment to the CRA using these systems. If you have previously registered with the Canada Revenue Agency before, you should still register using the payee for the same reasons. Registering for the PAYG (PAYG) tax system is easier than to register for the ITB tax system. When registering your TFN, please note that you will be required to enter your payee's or employer's TFN as well. For more information about the other systems, refer to your tax return. When you are registering to use one of these systems you may receive a letter from the CRA telling you this letter will be issued when you report an Individual Tax and Benefit Return for the period between January 27, 2010 to May 31, 2010. Do I have to pay tax on all the income I pay to the CRA? The CRA uses the payee's TFN as the payee of the TFN of the payee of the payer. You will have to pay tax only on any amount you pay to the payer that falls within your TFN as described above. If the CRA asks for your individual income, it doesn't know what the payer's TFN is. The CRA is unable to find out these TFNs and tax them in the system required to calculate your tax. If that happens, the CRA
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